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Redesigned tube chassis, gives a reduced weight of 20 per cent, helping to make the car lighter.

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Our BMW based cars use more than just the BMW engine and gearbox. They’re built so that, you can take the car into a BMW dealer.

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Choose Your Engine

We offer a range of options for the Dax Rush, from the 1.6 litre Ford Ecoboost, through to the 3.2 litre BMW E46 M3 engined car.

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In April 2014 the project was put up for sale and a bit of a scramble ensued. When the dust settled the new owners were Matt Pett, Nigel Barker and Anthony Cockroft. Put the initial letter of their respective first names together and you have ‘M.A.N’, which stands for M.A.N Motorsport.

Plenty has changed since then, as Matt has moved onto pastures new leaving Nigel to run the company full-time with Anthony, a very successful West Yorkshire businessman, contributing his acumen and guidance. He runs no fewer than twelve companies employing around 150 people, primarily involved in graphics and printing.

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